Monday, June 20, 2011


Do you have a favorite playing card? The ace of spades has always been mine. Not because of this, my self given nickname is Ace. I decided I wanted a nickname and I asked my husband to start calling me Ace. He obliged in email greetings for about a year, but I recently took note that he has not called me "Ace" in any kind of form in quite a while. Hopefully this is not due to any lack of ace-like behavior on my part.

"So why do you call yourself Ace?", you ask. Well, it is a little known factoid that while teaching English in China, I won a ping pong championship . This generally impresses people. I suppose this is due to the stereotype that the Chinese are master ping pong players. This is a like saying, "Wow, I am impressed that you won a game of horse in the U.S., because those Americans sure are good at basketball." This logic is flawed and I promise you that there are plenty of Chinese people who suck at ping pong!

I am proud of my accomplishment though, not because it happened in China, but because I take my ping pong seriously. My motto is, "Consistency wins the game!". I just try to return the ball and not get too fancy. I have played ping pong with many a man who loses to me, not because I am so good, but because he beats himself, trying to show off his masculine power by slamming down the ball, only to have it miss the edge of the table. Oops! I win!

So I am proud of my ping pong accomplishment. Feel free to call me, "Ace".


Anonymous said...

You are consistently and always my ACE. This from your adoring husband who has lost many a ping pong game to you having beaten myself not only with power slams, but also fancy spins. Your consistency at the ping pong table infuriates me. Your consistency as my loving partner is such a blessing.

Alisa said...

I'm sorry, your nickname will always be "Electric Shock" to me! :)

Love, Jelly Bean

Julia said...

I enjoy this article as well as Brian's comment about your fancy spins and steadfast, infuriating consistency at "the pong."

Ace said...

My friend Julia pointed out that she actually was the one who first dubbed me, "Ace". I was remiss in not mentioning this and I am eternally grateful to her for giving me such a cool nickname.