Friday, July 29, 2011

My Favorite Tree

My husband took this picture yesterday of a baby raccoon getting caught stealing figs out of our tree. The raccoon was thinking, "Oh shit, what do I do now?"

Do you have a favorite tree? I don't mean a favorite kind of tree, but rather an individual tree that you have loved?

We planted this fig tree when we first moved to Savannah. It was only about two feet tall then and now look at it five years later. It is busting with figs! There is nothing like a fresh fig with a bit of Gorgonzola stuffed in the middle. Yummy sweet and cheesy goodness - it is so simple and yet so gourmet!

I planted this tree in our new home in honor of my favorite tree of all time. It was a giant fig tree that was in the backyard of the "Collective" that my family lived in with two other families in Berkeley, in the seventies. I know this explains a lot....

I used to climb this tree daily. The bark was smooth and the limbs were huge and spread out, making it a perfect tree to climb. I would climb up to the center of the tree and just hang out.

I remember my first ever bout with insomnia being the night that I spent fantasizing about building a tree house in this wonderful tree. My fantasy tree house was so cool! I was inspired by this television episode of "Zoom", where this teenage boy built this amazing multi-level tree house. I think it even had a bathroom, or if it didn't my fantasy tree house certainly did. I could not get it out of my head. This must have been my first house fantasy. Perhaps this has something to with why I am compelled to troll real estate websites, when I actually love my current home very much. Is this a pathology?

I hear that in Florida there are tree houses that you can go camping in. Learn more about them here.

I am sad to say that I do not believe that my daughter has ever climbed a tree. How can this be possible? It makes me want to run outside this very minute and scout out some good tree climbing trees for her. She needs to have this simple childhood experience before it is too late.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazy or Genius?

To do list tattoo

I have been told twice in one week that I should be making checklists. This morning, as I drove my daughter and her friend to art day camp, my daughter's friend said, "You forget everything!..You should make a list and stick it on your forehead!".

Ahem, I don't know who she thought she was talking to, but I have to admit I was the one who forgot my lunch today and yesterday it was my cellphone. So maybe this is a wake-up call. Don't worry, I won't be tattooing a to do list on my arm anytime soon. It will be a big leap for me to just make a list and then actually, check things off said list.

Instead of a to do list, I propose from now on we call it a ta da list, like TA DA - look at what I have accomplished! Somehow this sounds more motivating, don'tcha think?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lynda Barry

Self Portrait of Lynda Barry

I was once lucky enough to meet Lynda Barry in person. (Of course it was in person, it is not like I met her over the phone!) I told her that I was her number one fan. So she autographed my copy of her book, "To My Number One Fan, Liza". I was thrilled!

Apparently I have been neglecting my role as her number one fan though, because when I googled her today, I was shocked to find out that she has written a bunch of new books since we met! Yippee! I also found that she posts a weekly comic at For those of you not familiar to the wonder that is Lynda Barry, she used to write a weekly comic called Ernie Pook's Comeek. You can find a hilarious example here. Her comics are hysterical mixed with a bit of melancholy, kinda like life.

One of my favorite quotes of Lynda's is, "Humor is such a wonderful thing, helping you realize what a fool you are but how beautiful that is at the same time." You may read more of her brainy quotes at this cool website.

You can find a review of two of her new books on the creative process here. I can't wait to read them both!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman came to SCAD to lecture in the spring. I had fantasies that he would spot me and ask to take my picture. Somewhat delusional, I know, but these thoughts make me excited about getting dressed in the morning. Scott writes the blog "The Sartorialist". (I like to think we are on a first name basis, again delusional, I know.)

On my way to Scott's lecture, a man who was just one bad day from being homeless said, "Looking good!" as I approached. As I passed he emphasized, "Looking REAL good!", as if he wasn't totally convinced before, but once he saw my booty shake was reassured that his compliment wasn't misguided. I know it is sad, but I can not tell you how good that tooth missing almost homeless man's whistle call made me feel. It had been such a mighty long time since a stranger gave me any attention due to my looks and when I was a young hot thang, it was an obnoxious daily occurrence. So this man made me think, that my fantasy of Scott picking me out of a crowd to photograph may not be so far fetched, right?

He did take a picture of one of my fashion students, Madisen. Her pic is on the very bottom of The Sartorialist blog for the month of May, 2011. One of the things that I love about my job advising art students is I get to live vicariously through them. But Scott is the one who has the job of my dreams. He travels around the world and takes photographs of people with terrific fashion sense. He also seems to be a terrific dad and husband and an all around cool guy. What a life!

If you squint your eyes and imagine me thirty pounds lighter, you will see what is in my mind's eye. Perhaps then you will understand why I felt that this was another day that I was ready for the Sartorialist to click my pic. He needs to come back to Savannah and look me up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I bought my daughter her first pair of Converse high tops. She has had a few pairs of low tops. Over the years, I have had both high and low tops, in a variety of colors. Since St. Patrick's Day is so huge in Savannah, I think my next pair will be green. These shoes make me feel nostalgic and happy. I am glad I am introducing my daughter to the tradition. She says they are comfortable. That may have something to do with the flat feet she inherited from me. I once had a doctor tell me I walked like a duck. I guess that is better than walking like a penguin.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Four Palms"

"Four Dollars"

I submitted these digital photographs for the SCAD show on color called "Spectrum". I am waiting to hear if they made it in. This is my homage to Andy Warhol. I actually ran into him the summer I lived in NYC. We were both shopping in the Fiorucci store on East 59th. I about died! Of course I was too chicken shit to say anything to him. He was with a young man and other than the shop employees, we were the only ones in the store!

The Fiorucci brand was so cool. I bought my friend Aimee and myself large cylinder tins showcasing one of their iconic prints. I still have mine, it is now sitting on my daughter's dresser.

Got to love Warhol's "Marilyn"

Warhol quotes - words of wisdom?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Julia Licht

I bought this 3d ceramic tile for my husband's birthday. Studebakers are his favorite car and he has owned a few in the past. The artist, Julia Licht, is having a terrifically charming one person ceramic show called "Cash for Clunkers" at the SPACE gallery in Savannah. Click here to see more examples of her work. Julia made all of pieces for the show in the last year. She is amazingly prolific! I am thinking of buying one of the tricycles. I can't decide between the red or the blue.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Marcel Chairs

These are our new Marcel Breuer chairs that I ordered on

My friends' dad had a pair in their childhood home. I always admired his amazing modern taste. I remember being surprised by how comfortable the chairs were.

On my first trip to NYC when I was 16 years old, I bought three posters from MOMA of a photographic image of a mod woman sitting in a Breuer chair. I gave the Breuer posters to my boyfriend and best friend at the time. I loved that poster.

I have been wanting to update my home with some new modern pieces. I want my decor to be less Pottery Barn and more Elle Decor. I also needed to find chairs that my dog, Woody, will not chew up. I am hoping the chrome will detract him.
This is Woody.
This is the chair that Woody ate.