Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things that You Will Never Hear Coming Out of My Mouth

"Wow, those mutton chops are soooo handsome!"

They weren't handsome then and they aren't handsome now!

What do think of Jermaine from "Flight of the Conchord's" mutton chops?

"Honey, how about wearing your sexy man clogs tonight?"

If anyone can pull off man clogs, Jake Gyllenhaal can?


Alisa said...

Haha you are so funny! I love Jermaine, even with the mutton chops! And yes, clogs, yuck!

drollgirl said...

I'LL TAKE JEMAINE! i have such a crush on him! he is SO FUNNY and i love that show.

i'll even accept him with the mutton chops.

but man clogs will never EVER be a part of a man that i am with. i hate them!

Ace said...

Jemaine is pretty dreamy, especially when he is singing "Sugarlumps", but if he was my man I would tell him the mutton chops have got to go!