Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I bought my daughter her first pair of Converse high tops. She has had a few pairs of low tops. Over the years, I have had both high and low tops, in a variety of colors. Since St. Patrick's Day is so huge in Savannah, I think my next pair will be green. These shoes make me feel nostalgic and happy. I am glad I am introducing my daughter to the tradition. She says they are comfortable. That may have something to do with the flat feet she inherited from me. I once had a doctor tell me I walked like a duck. I guess that is better than walking like a penguin.


drollgirl said...

UM, you crack me up.

and your daughter is the cutest thing!

i think cons are a rite of passage. everyone must have at least one pair in life before they move on to more "professional" attire!

Alisa said...

Look like she has grown (a lot!) since I saw her last!!