Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazy or Genius?

To do list tattoo

I have been told twice in one week that I should be making checklists. This morning, as I drove my daughter and her friend to art day camp, my daughter's friend said, "You forget everything!..You should make a list and stick it on your forehead!".

Ahem, I don't know who she thought she was talking to, but I have to admit I was the one who forgot my lunch today and yesterday it was my cellphone. So maybe this is a wake-up call. Don't worry, I won't be tattooing a to do list on my arm anytime soon. It will be a big leap for me to just make a list and then actually, check things off said list.

Instead of a to do list, I propose from now on we call it a ta da list, like TA DA - look at what I have accomplished! Somehow this sounds more motivating, don'tcha think?


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I reinforced her picture of us as forgetful...I had to turn around to get my office keys this morning when I took the girls to camp. No wonder she said, "Everybody is always forgetting things!" (I did remember to take them) Ta da! and I commented on Ace's post Ta da!

drollgirl said...

a ta da list?! lol. you are too much.

i am a weirdo. i keep lists SOMETIMES, but then i don't always use them. i like to test myself and see if i will remember what is on said list. RETARDED, i know.

Alisa said...

I make lists all the time! I don't always get back to them. But I have about 4 lists laying around in different sketch books. I love lists!